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Please read the following information on Suunto watches and make sure you understand it. You may contact Suunto customer care in case you have any questions, or you would like to receive further information.

Availability and Functionality of the Services

Please observe that some of the smart watch features in the Suunto watches and related services such as Suunto App and Sports Tracker (the smart watch features, functionalities and the related services all are jointly hereinafter referred to as “Services”) may not be available in some countries and may be provided only in selected languages. The Services and user experience may be network dependent. Contact your network service provider for more information on fees and availability.

Some features and functionalities of the Services such as heart rate monitoring, step count and calories count may be inaccurate and may be based on calculations of average persons with the given height and weight. Suunto watches are not medical devices. You can read tips on how to improve the heart rate monitoring results in the Product Safety and Regulatory Information leaflet available in the package of each watch and online.    

No software products are error free. Suunto reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to change, modify, improve and correct the Services, including providing any updates and upgrades. The Services may not be available during maintenance breaks and other times.

Suunto may also decide to add features, discontinue Services or functionalities related to the Services or any part thereof at its sole discretion. In case of material discontinuance of Services, Suunto will use reasonable efforts to provide you a notification where possible but Suunto shall not in any case be liable to you or any third party for the discontinuance of the Services or any part thereof or for not providing features within a specific timeframe.

In addition, certain Services that rely on the Wear 2.0 operating system by Google Inc. may depend on external factors such as the support by Google Inc. or certain functionalities or the operating system in general. Suunto does not guarantee the availability or functionality of such features after purchase.  

Please note that the watches should be updated regularly in accordance with the product manual to facilitate the proper functioning of the watch.


With regard watches that support a password functionality, you are recommended to protect your watch by setting a password and not to share the password with anyone else.

If you sell or give your watch to someone else as a gift, it is advisable to remove your personal information and applications from the watch first.

Third Party Applications

Please note that with regard watches that enable the downloading of third party applications to the watch, Suunto has not in any way checked or verified the applications such as their functionality, security or quality. Suunto expressly disclaims any liability for any of the applications you download to the watch and for the use of the applications.


The Services may include heatmaps for your convenience. Heatmaps show the tracks frequently used by the users of the Services. Please note that Suunto has not in any way checked or verified the tracks shown in the heatmaps such as their accessibility, safety or suitability for exercise. The information related to the tracks such as the total distance may be inaccurate. You need to be aware that you use the heatmaps and tracks at your own risk and discretion.

Connectivity to Suunto App and Sports Tracker App

The watch is intended for use with the Suunto App and/or Sports Tracker application. To get the best user experience, connect your watch to the Suunto App and/or Sports Tracker application. Please note that registration to the Suunto App or Sports Tracker application may be required for certain watches or new versions of existing models prior to use.


At your consent, Suunto will collect technical and other data such as the serial number of the watch and the types of sports the watch is used for directly from the watch when it is connected to Wi-Fi to support the maintenance and development of the watches.  You can give your consent to share the information to Suunto for such purpose when you take the watch into use. You can anytime disable the sharing of the information for such purposes from the watch. Please note that Suunto will not delete the data collected between the time you have given your consent and withdrawn it unless you request for the deletion. Please contact Suunto customer care in all requests to delete your data.

Suunto will also have access to and collect your personal data from your use of the watch and associated applications after you have connected your watch to Suunto App or Sports Tracker application in accordance with the terms and conditions, privacy policy and data practices of the applications available in the applications.

Please note that if you opt-out or disable the sharing of the data in the watch, it will not influence the collection of your data through the Suunto App or Sports Tracker application.

You may also choose to transfer your personal data to certain partners of Suunto through the Suunto App or Sports Tracker application. No such transfers will be made without your consent.

In addition, certain Services may rely on the operating system, other software and services of Suunto’s partners or third parties such as watches that rely on the Wear 2.0 operating system. In such case, the third party may collect and process your personal data or technical data from the watch on its own behalf in accordance with its practices. Such partners of Suunto are listed here.

You are advised to read more of the data processing practices of Suunto from Suunto’s privacy policy.