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Suunto Ambit2 R User Guide - 2.0


FusedSpeedTM is a unique combination of GPS and wrist acceleration sensor readings for measuring your running speed more accurately. GPS signal is adaptively filtered based on wrist acceleration, giving more accurate readings at steady running speeds and a quicker response to changes in speed.

FusedSpeed Ambit2

FusedSpeedTM will benefit you the most when you need highly reactive speed readings during training, for example, when running on uneven terrain or during interval training. If you temporarily lose GPS signal, for example, because buildings block the signal, Suunto Ambit2 R is able to continue showing accurate speed readings with the help of the GPS calibrated accelerometer.

FusedSpeed2 Ambit2


FusedSpeedTM is meant for running and other similar type of activities.


To get the most accurate readings with FusedSpeedTM, only glance shortly at the watch when needed. Holding the watch in front of you without moving it reduces the accuracy.

FusedSpeedTM is activated automatically with the following sport modes:

  • running
  • trail running
  • treadmill
  • orienteering
  • track and field
  • floor ball
  • football (soccer)