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Must-run routes around the globe

SuuntoRun — 19 stycznia 2020

Welcome to our guide of the must-run routes from our favorite cities around the world. We love to run and discover when we’re in a new place; it is one of the best ways to get to know a city. 

One of the awesome things about visiting new cities is getting off the beaten tourist paths and finding hidden corners. An early morning run through an unknown city is one of the best ways to find these gems. There is so much beauty in the world when we have fresh eyes. So next time you travel to new destination, lace up your runners and get out and explore. 

For inspiration, here are routes in seven of our favorite cities. 



If its your first time in Singapore, you will be pleasantly surprised at just how diverse the city’s running opportunities are. The city hosted more than 100 running events in 2015, from road marathons, trail races and vertical marathons to fun runs, with distances ranging from 5 km to 100 km. This tiny island-city also has plenty of parks and running trails that literally wrap around and connect the island together.Despite its small size, it has one of the most active populations in mass participation running events. Trails and paths along on the water and in the forest are well maintained, well-lit and safe, you’ll love running here, regardless of your route.

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This Nordic capital is a pretty fascinating place to visit, and to run. Made up of more than a dozen rugged islands, this city by the sea is both accessible and wild; a splendid combination for those of us wanting to explore her streets and shores by running! Amongst the meandering canals and shorelines, and urban forests, we’ve found some rather memorable runs that will give you a taste of this historic city, which has one of the oldest, and best-maintained city centres in Europe.

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One of the most memorable and hospitable cities to run in, Barcelona’s streets, parks and trails are as welcoming as her inhabitants. While Barcelona is the largest city on the Mediterranean Sea, it is also an intimate and intricate place with subtle beauty that seems to mix perfectly with its more audacious architecture. To see Gaudi’s masterpiece, the fantastical Sagrada Família in person is one thing, but to gain a sense of the city by running amongst her streets and people is something that won’t fail to leave a lasting impression. 

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The City of Light could also be known as a runner’s delight! It is a feast for the senses, it’s true, but there’s also a special view of Paris known only by those who run her cobbled streets and pristine parks in the early morning, or twilight hours. We’ve added some rich detail to each of these routes, not only about the route, but the character the surroundings. After all it’s not just about where you run, but also what makes it truly memorable.

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We know the desire to run does not stop when you travel, in fact many times its the opposite. Running is one of the best ways to explore a new city! One of the challenges to fully enjoying this potential is not knowing where to go. Big cities have lots of sights and routes, but how to find the right one? We’ve got you covered! Here at Suunto, we’ve put together a collection of routes that showcase some of the best parts of Helsinki (our home town!). Through winding parks in the heart of the city, to historic sites and architecture, these routes hit all the high notes. 

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It can be daunting to figure what to do and where to go when visiting New York City, especially on a tight schedule, this includes fitting in a run. We understand and have done the scouting and compiled your go-to route guide to running in the city on a timeline. This list is focused on Manhattan, though the final route does make a brief and memorable stop in Brooklyn.

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Keeping up you’re running routine while travelling can be challenging, but when it is the right route at the right time, it rewarding in many ways. Whether it be an invigorating break from a hectic schedule, or a way to explore a new city, knowing where to go is everything.

This couldn’t be more than in a mega-city like London. The options are endless, but at the same time daunting; but don’t worry we’ve got you covered.

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