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Tutorial Tuesday: Customize your Ambit’s shortcut button


Tutorial Tuesday: Customize your Ambit’s shortcut button

10 февраля 2015

Do you have a favorite Ambit feature that you wish you could access quicker? No worries, in time mode you can access any menu item with a single push of a button after you have taught your Ambit2 or Ambit3 what you wish the shortcut button will do.

The shortcut button comes in handy in many ways. For example, it is a quick way to set  the wake-up alarm and travellers can use the shortcut to easily set the dual time to match the destination’s time zone. And for your most frequent activity the shortcut button can lead straight to the right sport mode setting you ready to go with a single push of a button.

Here's how to use your Ambit's shortcut.


By default, when you keep [View] pressed in TIME mode, you toggle the display between light and dark. This shortcut can be changed to a different menu item.

To define a shortcut:

1. Keep [Next] pressed to enter the options menu or press [Start Stop] to enter the start menu.
2. Browse to the menu item to which you want to create a shortcut.
3. Keep [View] pressed to create the shortcut.

Your own shortcut works when the watch is in time mode. In other modes, keeping [View] pressed accesses predefined shortcuts. For example, when the compass is active, you can access the compass settings by keeping [View] pressed. 

NOTE: Shortcuts cannot be created to all possible menu items, such as individual logs.


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