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3 must-run routes in Stockholm

SuuntoRun — 15 January 2020

Run around the world with us in our favorite cities!

This Nordic capital is a pretty fascinating place to visit, and to run. Made up of more than a dozen rugged islands, this city by the sea is both accessible and wild; a splendid combination for those of us wanting to explore her streets and shores by running! Amongst the meandering canals and shorelines, and urban forests, we’ve found some rather memorable runs that will give you a taste of this historic city, which has one of the oldest, and best-maintained city centers in Europe. 

While each of these routes is close to the center, each has a natural connection and explores a different part of the city’s archipelago. The first run gives you quintessential shoreline views, the second route, the local haunt, is a park loop that moves you from the city to the forest in mere steps; and finally, a trail-runners dream, the track on Lidingö was seemingly made for exploring.


To follow these routes with your Suunto watch or mobile device, please follow these instructions:

1. Press download GPX.
2. Go to Suunto app and press + button in app map and press 'import route'.
3. Find the route, press it. The app opens the route, press 'Done'.
4. You can modify name and details. The route is saved. Keep the 'Use in Watch' toggle on to have the route in watch. 

Note: If you are not reading this on a device with Suunto app installed, download the route file and save it in a location you can access on your mobile device. Then follow the guidance above.


Trails, Cobbles and Castles (6,7 km)

Download the GPX file here.



The perfect morning walk or run. Start at the public swimming pool (Eriksdalsbadet) and follow the Södermalm waterfront, cross the canal at the first bridge, and when you arrive on the other side, you’ll be immersed in the beautiful Årsta forest. Here you’ll get a little climb, and earn the best city view from the south. Follow the loop back across the next bridge ahead of you and back to your starting point.

Despite the great location, generally the route is never packed, and the track is mostly paved and suitable for walkers and runners. Try to get out here early in morning for a beautiful, crisp start to your day!

Starting Point Note:

The Public swimming pool is accessible from the train (Skanstull Station) and is walking distance from anywhere in Södermalm.

Finishing Point Note:

When you are done, you’ll want to re-fuel, and if that includes coffee, you’re in the right place, follow Swedenborgsgatan to #7, there you’ll find a brilliant little cafe called Johan & Nyström, which is home to great coffee and they’re open at 07:00 (M-F) so they’re ready for you even if it’s an early run.


Djurgården (8,9 km)

Download the GPX file here.


Translated as ‘animals garden,’ Djurgården is a stunning city park that branches off from the old town in the centre of Stockholm and provides an invigorating 10km loop. Starting at the King’s Garden (Kungsträdgården), run along the harbour via Strandvägen, then right over the bridge and into the park.

The route passes by the amusement park, Gröna Lund, and the popular Nordic Museum. There will almost always be some locals on the trails, but never too many. There isn’t too much climb and the trails are broad and well-maintained. Keep to outermost path until Manillavägen where you’ll cross to the other side of the island and make your back to the bridge, then to King’s Garden.

Starting/Finishing Point Note:

King’s Garden is a brilliant place to finish as its beautiful grounds, and numerous outdoor cafes are a welcome sight after a brisk 10 km.


Lidingö – A run on the wild side (29,9 km)

Download the GPX file here.



This is the spot for a trail run. Lidingö is an island with a full network of trails for running adventures from 4 km to 30 km. It is only minutes from the center of the city, and is home to the most popular trail running events in Stockholm, including the Lidingöloppet, the world’s largest trail race! The race, which began in 1965 with 644 runners is now more than 24,000 runners strong!

The route is full of hills regardless of the distance, including the famous and gruelling ‘Abborbacken hill’ which climbs 46 m in elevation within 550 m. Throughout Lidingö there are stunning views of the city, the sea and the surrounding bays. The final 10km of the full loop is lit, so you can even run this portion at night!

Starting Point Note:

You can get to Lidingö from Gamla Stan via the #13 train to Ropsten, then take bus 203/204/211 to Lidingövallen (Lidingö City stadium).

Alternatives & POIs:

For a shorter variation (22 km) you can skip the first 8km and start from Lidingövallen and head eastwards, this includes the final 10 km known as “sista milen.” In the summer, grab a coffee at the charming, Kaptensstugan, at Klubbvägen 2 which is right along the trail (we’ve marked it as a Cafe POI on the route). 

Finishing Point Note:

Based on the full trail (30 km) or the last 10 km, it is the same Lidingöloppet finish. From here you can walk along Grönsvagäden (south towards the nearby Kyrkviken or ‘Church Bay’) to Lidingövallen (Lidingo City stadium - Kyrkvägen 56). Here you can get changed and have a shower after your adventurous run (M-F 10:00-19:00).

From here (Lidingövallen) grab a 203/204/211 bus to the Ropsten stop + #13 train back to Gamla Stan / city centre.


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