Suunto Spartan Ultra - Features - Position formats
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Suunto Spartan Ultra User Guide - 2.0

Position formats

Position formats

The position format is the way your GPS position is displayed on the watch. All the formats relate to the same location, they only express it in a different way.

You can change the position format in the watch settings under Navigation » Position format.

Latitude/longitude is the most commonly used grid and has three different formats:

  • WGS84 Hd.d°
  • WGS84 Hd°m.m'
  • WGS84 Hd°m's.s

Other common position formats available include:

  • UTM (Universal Transverse Mercator) gives a two-dimensional horizontal position presentation.
  • MGRS (Military Grid Reference System) is an extension of UTM and consists of a grid zone designator, 100,000-meter square identifier and a numerical location.

Suunto Spartan Ultra also supports the following local position formats:

  • BNG (British)
  • ETRS-TM35FIN (Finnish)
  • KKJ (Finnish)
  • IG (Irish)
  • RT90 (Swedish)
  • SWEREF 99 TM (Swedish)
  • CH1903 (Swiss)
  • UTM NAD27 (Alaska)
  • UTM NAD27 Conus
  • UTM NAD83
  • NZTM2000 (New Zealand)

Some position formats cannot be used in the areas north of 84° and south of 80°, or outside the countries that they are intended for. If you are outside the allowed area, your location coordinates cannot be displayed on the watch.