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Suunto Tank POD User Guide


Types of safety precautions

  • is used in connection with a procedure or situation that may result in serious injury or death.
  • is used in connection with a procedure or situation that will result in damage to the product.
  • is used to emphasize important information.
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All computers experience failures. It is possible that this device may suddenly fail to provide accurate information during your dive. Always use a backup dive device and only dive with a buddy. Only divers trained in proper use of scuba diving equipment should use this dive device! YOU MUST READ all the printed information included with the product and the online user guide before diving. Failure to do so may lead to improper use, serious injury or death.


Make sure your Suunto dive computer always has the latest software with updates and improvements. Check before every dive trip from, if Suunto has released a new software update for your device. When a new software update is available, you must install it before diving. Updates are made available to improve your user experience and are part of Suunto's philosophy of continuous product development and improvement.

Before you dive

Make sure you fully understand how to use your dive instruments and what their limitations are. Familiarize yourself with your dive instruments, and read all instructions carefully to make sure you understand all information the instruments provide during your dive. If you have any questions about this manual or your device, contact your Suunto dealer before diving. Always remember that YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY!

Before leaving on a dive trip, inspect your dive computer thoroughly to make sure everything is functioning properly.

At the dive site, perform your manual pre-dive safety checks on each device before entering the water. See Pre-dive safety checks.

Safety precautions


You must use the Suunto Flow Restrictor with Suunto Tank POD. Failure to do so may lead to injury if the pressurized scuba gear malfunctions.


ONLY TRAINED DIVERS SHOULD USE A DIVE COMPUTER! Insufficient training for any kind of diving, including freediving, may cause a diver to commit errors, such as incorrect use of gas mixtures or improper decompression, that may lead to serious injury or death.


USE BACKUP INSTRUMENTS! Ensure that you use backup instrumentation, including a depth gauge, submersible pressure gauge, timer or watch, and have access to decompression tables whenever diving with a dive computer.


For safety reasons, you should never dive alone. Dive with a designated buddy. You should also stay with others for an extended time after a dive as the onset of possible DCS may be delayed or triggered by surface activities.


Perform pre-dive safety checks before each dive! Always check that your dive computer is functioning properly and has the correct settings before diving. Check that the display is working, the battery level is OK, tank pressure is correct, and so forth.


Check your dive computer regularly during a dive. If you believe or conclude that there is any problem with any computer function, abort the dive immediately and safely return to the surface. Call Suunto Customer Support and return your computer to an authorized Suunto Service Center for inspection.


DO NOT DIVE WITH A GAS IF YOU HAVE NOT PERSONALLY VERIFIED ITS CONTENT AND ENTERED THE ANALYZED VALUE INTO YOUR DIVE COMPUTER! Failure to verify tank contents and enter the appropriate gas values where applicable into your dive computer will result in incorrect dive planning information.


Never use Suunto Tank POD as a handle when attached to a regulator and tank.

Emergency ascents

In the unlikely event that the dive computer malfunctions during a dive, follow the emergency procedures provided by your certified dive training agency to immediately and safely ascend.

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