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Suunto Ambit3 Software Update 2.0, June 24th 2015

Offered by the SW update 2.0, sleep recovery and quick recovery tests with new running performance functionality and new languages bring Ambit3 Peak, Ambit3 Sport and Ambit3 Run to a new level.

Software updates enhance the functionality of the Ambit3 GPS watches through new features and improvements. If updates are available, you are notified through Moveslink on your computer. We encourage you to install updates as soon as they are available.

Recovery status
Recovery status indicates the amount of stress on your autonomic nervous system. The less stress you have, the more recovered you are. Knowing your state of recovery helps you optimize your training and avoid overtraining or injury. You can check your recovery status with the quick recovery or sleep recovery tests that are based on heart rate variability, powered by Firstbeat.

Quick recovery test
The quick recovery test, powered by Firstbeat, measures your recovery status in a few minutes. As a result you get your current recovery status given as a percentage.

The quick recovery test should be performed in the morning after waking up still lying down. The test requires you to wear a Bluetooth Smart compatible heart rate sensor that measures heart rate variability, such as Suunto Smart Sensor. Recovery status can also be measured using the sleep recovery test.

Sleep recovery test
The sleep recovery test, powered by Firstbeat, provides a reliable indicator of your recovery status after a night's sleep. The test requires you to wear a Bluetooth Smart compatible heart rate sensor that measures heart rate variability, such as Suunto Smart Sensor. As a result you get your current recovery status given as a percentage. Recovery status can also be measured using the quick recovery test. 

Recovery time
Recovery time is an estimate in hours of how long your body needs to recuperate after training. The time is based on the duration and intensity of the training session, as well as your overall fatigue.

Recovery time accumulates from any exercise where heart rate is recorded. It also accumulates from running, swimming and cycling exercises without measuring heart rate. The time is cumulative across training sessions.

Running performance level
Running performance level is a combined measurement of your physical fitness and your running efficiency, powered by Firstbeat. It uses an estimation of your VO2max, a global standard for aerobic fitness and endurance performance, and takes into account running efficiency, a measurement of your running technique.

More languages
Ambit3 watches and the Suunto Movescount App support the same languages as Movescount. The full language set includes: EN, CS, DA, DE, ES, FI, FR, IT, JA, KO, NL, NO, PL, PT, RU, SV, and ZH.