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What can I do if the altitude readings during daily use in the Alti-Baro display of my Suunto Ambit3 Peak are incorrect?

If your watch shows incorrect altitude or barometric readings in the Alti-Baro display of your watch, the following tips may resolve the issue:

  • Check which Alti-Baro profile is set for watch. To improve the accuracy of altitude readings during daily use, we recommend using AUTOMATIC (Auto) profile.

    The setting can be changed in Movescount and in your watch.

    To set the general Alti-Baro setting in Movescount:
    1. Open Movescount and go to Me >> Watches >> My watches.
    Movescount My Watches

    2. Select your watch from the overview.
    3. Click on General Settings.
    Movescount - General settings

    4. Scroll down to Alti-Baro profile and select Automatic. Then click SAVE.
    Movescount - Alti-Baro Profile in General settings

    5. After changing the setting in Movescount, sync your watch by connecting it to your computer with the supplied USB cable.

    To set the Alti-Baro profile in your watch:
    1. Keep NEXT pressed to enter the options menu.
    2. Scroll to ALTI-BARO with LIGHT and enter with NEXT.
    3. Enter PROFILE with NEXT.
    4. Scroll to the desired setting with LIGHT and confirm with NEXT.

  • Make sure that FusedAlti is enabled. With this feature enabled, GPS and barometric altitude are combined to provide a more reliable altitude reading. Read more in the user guide.
    When enabled, FusedAlti is activated every time you start an exercise that uses GPS.

    To activate FusedAlti:
    1. Keep NEXT pressed to enter the options menu.
    2. Scroll to ALTI-BARO with LIGHT and enter with NEXT.
    3. Scroll to FusedAlti with START and press NEXT to enter the menu.
    4. Select ON with LIGHT and confirm with NEXT.
    Note: In good conditions it takes several minutes for FusedAlti to activate. During that time, your watch shows your approximate barometric altitude. Your altitude reading and as well altitude history in the exercise will be corrected once your real altitude is defined via FusedAlti.

  • Set a new altitude reference value. Learn how to set this value for your watch in the FAQ “How to set a new altitude reference value for Ambit3 Peak”.

If the problem persists, please bring your watch to the nearest Authorized Service Center or contact our Suunto Support. We are happy to assist you.