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How do I use the the Snorkeling sport mode in Suunto 9 Peak Pro

Suunto 9 Peak Pro can measure depth up to 10 meters, and thanks to this it can be used to track your snorkeling activities.

To start, swipe up or press the upper button to get to the sport modes’ list and select “snorkeling”. Adjust the sport mode settings (for battery mode, GPS, wrist HR, etc.) and, when GPS and heart rate have been found, hit start.

There are three displays during the activity. As you start diving, colors turn up to give a better graphical visualization of the information you need.

Snorkeling full.png


Let’s look at what they are and what they show:

  1. Surface display. It shows, from top to bottom: time of day, total activity duration, total activity distance, temperature. In the bezel ring, a graphical representation of the current surface interval (one minute per segment from 1 to 5). 
  2. Dives table. It has three columns, showing each dive number, its duration and max depth. In addition, on the left it displays the surface interval duration after each dive before you went underwater again.
  3. Dive display. It shows, from top to bottom: maximum depth of the current dive, duration of the current dive, temperature. In the bezel ring, a graphical representation of the current dive duration.

A dive will automatically start as soon as you reach 1 meter depth. When you resurface, the dive is automatically concluded and the surface interval timer starts. A second dive starts as soon as you descend under 1 meter again.

After saving the activity, it will be transferred to Suunto app when the watch syncs. In Suunto app you’ll have access to a dive depth profile, and to a customizable dive table highlighting by default max depth, dive time, recovery time and cumulated duration for each dive.

Dive profile 3.jpg

NOTE: Suunto 9 Peak Pro can only measure depth up to 10 meters of depth. When going deeper than 10 meters of depth, the watch will show >10 m.