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How to manage followers in Suunto app for iOS?

Find friends on Suunto app

To start following your friends and other inspiring athletes and members of the Suunto community, open your Profile and select Find people. Here you have three options:

  1. Find Facebook Friends: Connect Suunto app to your Facebook account to see who of your Facebook friends uses Suunto app or Sports Tracker. 
    Please know that Suunto and Sports Tracker are partnering to bring you Suunto app. Therefore, you will see Sports Tracker in the Facebook sign up steps.
  2. Search: Find friends by searching for their name or user name.
  3. Invite friends: Share a link to Suunto app with your friends and invite them to Suunto app.


Manage who can follow you

Decide who you want to share your profile and exercise data with. Suunto app gives you the option to manage new followers by manually approving them. To activate the approval process:

  1. Go to Profile > Settings > Privacy.
  2. Toggle on the switch if you want to approve new followers.
  3. Select one of the default privacy settings: 
    • Public - the community can see your activities. 
    • Followers - only followers can see and comment on activities. 
    • Private - only you can see your activities. 


Remove followers

You can simply remove followers by going to your Profile and tap on your followers under your profile photo. Then: 

  1. In the upper right side of your screen, press IMG_4151.png
  2. For any follower you want to remove, press the red circle that appeared and confirm by selecting Delete. Please note that the removed follower will not be notified you removed them.