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How do I get started with SuuntoPlus™?

SuuntoPlus™ brings new tools and insights to your watch to give you inspiration and improved ways to enjoy your active lifestyle. 


The December 2019 Suunto 5 & 9 software update brings the first SuuntoPlus feature to your device: Strava Relative Effort. The data can be viewed in real-time, giving you more insight into how much cardiovascular work you've put into your training. 


Make sure you have your 5 or 9 updated to the latest software version


To put this new metric to good use: 


  1. Go to Exercise, select a sport mode and right before you start the recording, swipe up or press the lower right button to open the sport mode options.
  2. Scroll down to SuuntoPlus™ and select it by tapping or by pressing the middle button.
  3. Scroll down to Strava and select it the same way.
  4. Scroll back up and start recording your exercise.


While you are training you can also check the values of your Relative effort by scrolling your sport mode screens until you reach the Strava Relative effort real-time screen. 

The on-watch exercise summary will provide this information as well. 


Connect your watch to Strava through Suunto App and transfer all the data of your training. The Relative effort metric analysis is available only on Strava with a Strava Summit. 


Note: For the time being, you can use only one feature at a time & the SuuntoPlus feature doesn’t have an after-analysis capability in Suunto App. Depending on the used metric, check your progress on our partner's services. (ex. the relative effort on Strava).