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Suunto Core User Guide

Setting profiles and reference values

Matching profile to activity

The altimeter profile should be selected when your outdoor activity involves changes in altitude (e.g. hiking in hilly terrain). The Barometer profile should be selected when your outdoor activity does not involve changes in altitude (e.g. surfing, sailing). To get the correct readings, you need to match the profile to the activity. You can either let Suunto Core decide which profile is most suitable for you at the moment, or you can choose a suitable profile yourself.

Setting profiles

To set the profile:

  1. In Menu, select alti-baro.
  2. Select Profile.
  3. Choose a suitable profile.

Alternatively you can set the profile in the Alti & Baro mode by keeping View pressed down.

Setting reference values

To set the reference value:

  1. In Menu, select alti-baro.
  2. Select Reference and choose between the altimeter and Sea level.
  3. Set the known reference value using + and - Light.

Setting reference value core

You’re hiking and take a break when you see a sign with the current altitude. You check your altitude reading and discover a small difference between the two numbers. You set the altitude reference value on your to match that of the sign.