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Suunto Essential User Guide -

Changing general settings

In General you set the general settings, including:

  • button tone: on/off
  • tone guide: on/off
  • backlight: light button/any button
  • language: English, French, Spanish, German

To enter General in Menu:

  1. Enter Menu by keeping Mode pressed in the Time , Alti & Baro or Compass mode.
  2. Scroll down to General using - Light.
  3. Enter with Mode.

Button tone

In Button tone you turn the button tone on or off. A button tone is emitted every time a button is pressed, confirming an action.

  1. In General, select Button tone.
  2. Switch the button tone on or off with + and - Light.

Tone guides

In tone guide you turn the tone guides on or off. You will hear tone guides when:

  • You change a setting value
  • You set the altitude reference value
  • You start or stop the log recorder
  • You mark an altitude point while you are recording logs
  • You start or stop the stopwatch
  • The device switches between the altimeter and Barometer profile when you are using the automatic profile.

To turn tone guides on or off:

  1. In General, select Tone guides.
  2. Switch the tone guides on or off with + and - Light.


In Backlight you switch between two different light features: any button and light button.

To set the backlight to normal or night use:

  1. In General, select Backlight.
  2. Switch the backlight between light button and any button with + and - Light.

When light button has been selected, you can activate the backlight with - Light. The backlight is turned off automatically after 5 seconds. If you want to see the backlight when you are in the Menu, you need to activate it in the Time, Alti & Baro or Compass mode before entering the Menu. The backlight will then be activated until you exit Menu.

When any button has been selected, the backlight is activated every time you push a button.


In Language you choose the language of your Suunto Essential user interface (English, German, French or Spanish).

To choose a language:

  1. In General, select Language.
  2. Select a language from the list with + and - Light.

Activating button lock

You can activate and deactivate the button lock by keeping -Light pressed down. When the button lock is activated, it is indicated with a lock symbol icon button lock .


You can change views and use the backlight when the button lock is activated.