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Suunto Essential User Guide -

Changing time settings

You change the time settings in Menu.

To enter time settings in Menu:

  1. Enter Menu by keeping Mode pressed down.
  2. Scroll down to Time-Date using - Light.
  3. Enter with Mode.

Setting time

In Time you set the time.

To set the time:

  1. In Time-Date, select Time.
  2. Change the hour, minute and second values with + and - Light.

Setting date

In Date you set the month, day and year.

To set the date:

  1. In Time-Date, select Date.
  2. Change the year, month and day values with + and - Light.

To change the format in which the time is displayed, see Changing units.

Setting dual time

In dual time you can set the time for a location in a different time zone.

To set dual time:

  1. In Time-Date, select dual time.
  2. Change the hour, minute and second values with + and - Light.

We recommend that you set the current time at your current location as the main time because the alarm clock emits alarms according to the main time.

You are traveling abroad and you set the dual time to be the time at home. The main time is the time at your current location. Now you always know the local time and you can quickly check what time it is at home.

Setting sunrise and sunset times

In Sunrise you select a reference city that your Suunto Essential uses to give you sunrise and sunset times.

To set sunrise and sunset times:

  1. In Menu, select Sunrise.
  2. Scroll through the locations with + and -Light.
  3. Select a location with Mode.

If you want to set the sunrise and sunset times for a location that is not listed in your device, select another reference city from the same time zone. Select the closest city north or south from your location.

You’re hiking in Algonquin, a huge national park north of Toronto. You want to know when the sun sets, so that you know when to start putting up your tent for the night. You choose “Toronto” as your reference sunrise-sunset city. Your now tells you when the sun will set.