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Suunto Essential User Guide -

Viewing and locking logs

Logs recorded by the log recorder in the altimeter, Barometer or depth meter profile are stored in logbook. You can store up to 10 logs. A new log always replaces the oldest log in logbook. To save logs, you can lock them. Lock icon core is shown when a log is locked.You can only lock up to 9 logs.

When entering logbook, you are shown the number of unlocked logs. You can then choose to either view or lock logs.

When you view logs, you are first shown a list of available logs complete with times and dates. You can scroll and then enter each log to view its summary information and details.

Viewing logs

When viewing log summaries, you are shown

  • A summary graph, time of recording and highest point
  • Total descent, duration of descent, average descent speed
  • Total ascent, duration of ascent and average ascent speed
  • Altimeter split time (total log duration from start) and lap times (duration since last lap time)

When viewing log details, you are shown:

  • A graph of the changes in altitude
  • Time of recording
  • Altitude/depth at the time of recording

To view the logs:

  1. In memory, select logbook.
  2. Choose a log from the list.
  3. Select View.
  4. Switch between log summaries with + and - Light.
  5. View log details with Mode.
  6. Increase and decrease scrolling speed and change direction with + and - Light. Stop with Mode.

When scrolling the graph, your current position is in the middle of the graph.


Only altimeter logs include summaries.

Locking and unlocking logs

To lock or unlock the logs:

  1. In memory, select logbook.
  2. Choose a log from the list.
  3. Select Lock / Unlock.
  4. Lock/unlock the log with Mode OR Cancel with View).