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Maintenance and Upgradability Announcement of the original 1st generation Suunto Ambit - May 7th, 2013

Dear Ambit owners,

At the end of April 2013 – together with the launch of the new Ambit2 and Ambit2 S products – we communicated that the one-year-old original Ambit would not get any further software upgrades offering new functionality.

We'd like to thank all first generation Ambit owners for your feedback and understand the strong feelings many of you have had about this.

We realize that a big selling-point of the Ambit has been its ability to evolve and we know this feature was important when you made the decision to buy. We therefore understand that we have not lived up to your expectations and apologize for that.

We want to keep up with the upgradability promise of Ambit and sincerely apologize for our unclear messages earlier. The original Ambit will continue to receive product support.

Ambit maintenance support to continue

Some false information has been circulating in the web claiming Suunto would abandon the Ambit, dropping product support altogether. This is not true.

Suunto is committed to keeping the Ambit maintained so that the Ambit owners receive the needed on-going support to maintain the intended use of the watch and over the years to come. With the maintenance update scheduled for today (May 7th) you will also receive an Ambit Maintenance SW Update (2.0.8 SW-version) to
optimize the usability in the original Ambit.

Ambit Feature Upgrade support to continue

With the hardware limitations of the original Ambit we specifically referred to the limited memory for the software-code of the original Ambit. After three feature software upgrades during 2012, the potential for further software upgrades was limited. Since its introduction in December 2012 we have further enhanced the functionality of the unique Suunto App Zone with thousands of free Suunto Sports Apps – providing Ambit owners an evolving source of new features and functionalities over the years to come – without the need for new Feature Software Upgrades.

However, we have noted your recent feedback and have worked hard to find a solution by optimizing the Ambit's software further to free up space. In parallel with further enhancements to the App Zone, we are therefore able to announce the following Ambit Feature Software Upgrade to the original Ambit.

Ambit Feature SW Upgrade (2.5 SW-version)

Ambit 2.5 SW-version will be made available in by end June 2013 and will bring the following most frequently asked new features of the original Ambit users:

  • a) Further enriched Suunto Apps (to Ambit2 level with rich math functions, new variables, sound and backlight. NOTE: For original Ambit only one App remains available per sport mode.)
  • b) Storm Alarm App
  • c) Sunrise/Sunset App
  • d) Countdown timer
  • e) Autopause
  • f) Maximum speed of an exercise on watch
  • g) Battery charge level (%)

As before, our plan is to squeeze the above features into the original Ambit SW-memory without removing any existing features. However, it is important to note that due to the lack of remaining SW-code memory, the original Ambit will not be able to receive all the current or upcoming new features of the Ambit2 such as swimming functionality.

For original Ambit owners Suunto is committed to:

  • Maintaining the intended use of the watch and over the years to come.
  • Launching a new Feature SW Upgrade by end of June ’13 with the most frequently asked new features of current Ambit users.
  • Further enhancing the service - providing an ongoing source of new analysis and sharing features and improvements that users will continue asking for.
  • Further enhancing the Suunto App Zone functionality for original Ambit owners - thus providing Ambit owners with a uniquely evolving source of new watch features and functionalities over the years to come.

Beyond the first generation Ambit, we have now introduced a new generation of Ambit family with rich multisport functionality. This is a natural extension driven by the accelerating needs of our consumers and technological progress. The first generation Ambit still remains among the best products in the market in its category of integrated GPS watches with outdoor and training features.

At Suunto we are passionate about developing the best outdoor and performance products and pride ourselves on listening to the feedback of our users. Our success can only be measured by your satisfaction. Thank you for reminding us of this.

Yours sincerely,
Suunto Team