Starting exercise
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Suunto Ambit2 R User Guide - 2.0

Starting exercise

To start exercising:

  1. Moisten the contact areas and put on the heart rate belt (optional).
  2. Press Start Stop to enter the start menu.
  3. Press Next to enter Exercise.
  4. Scroll the sport mode options with Start Stop or Light Lock and select a suitable mode with Next
  5. The watch automatically starts searching for a heart rate belt signal, if the selected sport mode uses a heart rate belt. Wait for the watch to notify that the heart rate and/or GPS signal have been found, or press Start Stop to select Later. The watch continues to search the heart rate/GPS signal.
    Once the heart rate/GPS signal has been found, the watch starts showing and recording heart rate/GPS data.
  6. Press Start Stop to start recording your exercise. To access the options menu, keep Next pressed (see Additional options in sport modes).

starting exercise Ambit2