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How can I adjust my privacy settings in Suunto app (Android)?

Suunto app helps you stay on top of things in your active life, provides insights into your training and trends in your overall activity. It also enables you to share what you want, when you want with flexible privacy setting which allow you to define the level of privacy which feels right for you.


Which privacy settings are there?

There are 3 levels of privacy which you can define for your activities:

  1. Public: Everyone can see your activities and support your effort by liking and commenting on your activities.
  2. Followers: Only your followers can see, like and comment on your activities.
    Tip: You can approve followers so that only people you know are allowed to view your activities. Open Settings, scroll to Privacy and select Follower approval.
  3. Private: Only you can see your workouts.


Where can I adjust the privacy settings?

The privacy setting for your workouts is set to private by default.

You can adjust the privacy of each workout separately: Open an activity from the Diary and scroll to Share activity. Just choose whether you would like your workout to be private, public, or followers only. In addition, you can share your workout as well to social networks like Facebook.


Which parts of my profile are visible to followers / the community?

Your followers or the Suunto app community can see the following elements of your profile:

  • Profile picture and user name
  • Training history with your publicly shared activities and exercise data incl. GPS track if available for trainings that are shared publicly or with your followers
  • Photos and videos

Your followers or the community cannot see:

  • Your weekly training goal and progress towards it.
  • Diary information like steps, calories, sleep or fitness level.
  • Personal information or other settings available in your Profile.