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Suunto EON Steel Black User Guide 3.0

Handling guidelines

Handle Suunto EON Steel Black with care. The sensitive internal electronic components may be damaged if the device is dropped or otherwise mishandled.

When travelling with the dive computer, ensure that it is packed securely in check-in or carry-on luggage. It should be placed in a bag or other container where it cannot move around, be bumped or easily hit.

When flying, turn your dive computer to airplane mode under General » Connectivity.

Do not try to open or repair Suunto EON Steel Black by yourself. If you are experiencing problems with the device, contact your nearest authorized Suunto Service Center.


ENSURE THE WATER RESISTANCE OF THE DEVICE! Moisture inside the device may seriously damage the unit. Only an authorized Suunto Service Center should do service activities.

Wash and dry the dive computer after use. Rinse very carefully after any salt-water dive.

Pay special attention to the pressure sensor area, water contacts, buttons, and USB cable port. If you use the USB cable before washing the dive computer, the cable (device end) should be rinsed as well.

After use, rinse it with fresh water, mild soap, and carefully clean the housing with a moist soft cloth or chamois.


Do not leave your Suunto EON Steel Black in a bucket of water (for rinsing). The display stays on under water and consumes battery life.

Use only original Suunto accessories - damage caused by non-original accessories is not covered by warranty.


Do not use compressed air or high pressure water hoses to clean your dive computer. These can permanently damage the pressure sensor in your dive computer.


Remember to register your Suunto EON Steel Black at to get personalized support.

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