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Suunto EON Steel Black User Guide 3.0

Enriched Air Nitrox diving use

This device can be used with nitrox breathing gases (also known as oxy-nitrogen).


Do not use nitrox gas mixtures if you do not have proper training. Appropriate training courses about nitrox and oxygen diving are essential prior to the use of this kind of equipment with oxygen content greater than 22%.


In nitrox use, the maximum operating depth and exposure time are dependent on the oxygen content of the gas.


There is a danger when using nitrox that contaminants may give rise to an oxygen ignition.


The use of breathable air according to EN 12021 may contaminate the diving apparatus.


To minimize the risk of oxygen ignition, always open the pressure valve(s) slowly.

For information on Nitrox diving with Suunto Tank POD, see Suunto Tank POD Safety and Regulatory Information delivered with your Tank POD or available at

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