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Suunto EON Steel Black User Guide 3.0

Gas time

Gas time refers to remaining air (gas) left with current gas mixture, measured in minutes. The time is based on tank pressure value and your current breathing rate.

Gas time is also highly dependent on your current depth. For example, all other factors being the same, including breathing rate, tank pressure and tank size, depth affects gas time as follows:

  • At 10 m (33 ft, surrounding pressure 2 bar), gas time is 40 minutes.
  • At 30 m (99 ft, surrounding pressure 4 bar), gas time is 20 minutes.
  • At 70 m (230 ft, surrounding pressure 8 bar), gas time is 10 minutes.

Gas time information is visible in Air/Nitrox and Trimix dive modes by default. If you have not paired a Suunto Tank POD, the gas time field shows n/a. If you have paired a POD but there is no data being received, the field shows –. This may be because the POD is not in range, the tank is closed, or the POD battery is low.

gas-time steel black


Set tank size under the Gases menu to get the gas consumption and the gas time calculations right.


Gas time reading shows zero and turns red if tank pressure goes below 35 bar (500 psi).

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