Using countdown timer
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Suunto Core User Guide

Using countdown timer

In Countdown you can set the countdown timer to count down from a preset time to zero. It sounds an alarm when zero is reached. The default is 5 minutes.

To change the default countdown time:

  1. In Menu, select Time-Date.
  2. Select Countdown.
  3. Set the timer minutes and seconds (maximum 99 minutes and 59 seconds).
  4. Accept with Mode.

To start counting down:

  1. In Time mode, select the countdown timer view.
  2. Start, stop and restart with Start Stop.
  3. Keep + pressed to reset the timer.

You’re on a hiking expedition. It’s morning. You wake up, come out of your tent, and start to make breakfast at your campfire. This time, you want 8-minute eggs. You set the countdown timer to 8 minutes with your eggs in the pot and wait for the water to come to a boil. When the water boils, you engage the countdown timer. At the eight-minute point, your gives the alarm. Presto! Perfect 8-minute eggs.