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Suunto 9 Peak Pro User Guide

Blood oxygen


Suunto 9 Peak Pro is not a medical device and the blood oxygen level indicated by Suunto 9 Peak Pro is not intended for diagnosing or monitoring medical conditions.

You can measure your blood oxygen levels with Suunto 9 Peak Pro. From the watch face view, swipe up or press the lower button to scroll to the Blood oxygen widget.

Blood oxygen level can provide an indication of overtraining or fatigue and the measurement can also be a helpful indicator of high altitude acclimation progress.

Normal blood oxygen levels are between 96% and 99% at sea level. At high altitudes, healthy values can be slightly lower. Successful acclimation to high altitude makes the value increase again.

How to measure your blood oxygen level:

  1. From the watch face, swipe up or press the lower button to scroll to the Blood oxygen widget.
  2. Select Measure now.
  3. Hold your hand still while the watch is measuring.
  4. If the measuring failed, please follow the in-watch instructions.
  5. When the measuring is complete, your blood oxygen value is displayed.

You can also measure your blood oxygen level during your Sleep.

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