Countdown timer
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Suunto Ambit2 User Guide - 2.0

Countdown timer

Countdown timer

You can set the countdown timer to count down from a preset time to zero. After you have activated the countdown timer, it is shown as an additional display after the TIME mode.

The timer makes a short sound every second during the last 10 seconds and sounds an alarm when zero is reached.

To set the countdown time:

  1. Press Start Stop to enter the start menu.
  2. Scroll to Timers with Light Lock and select with Next.
  3. Scroll to Countdown with Light Lock and select with Next.
  4. Press View to adjust the countdown time.
  5. Set the hours and minutes with Start Stop and Light Lock. Accept with Next.
  6. Press Start Stop start the countdown.

countdown timer Ambit2

After the countdown has stopped, the countdown timer display disappears after a one-hour timeout.

To deactivate the timer, go to TIMERS in the start menu and select END countdown.


You can pause/continue the countdown by pressing Start Stop.