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Suunto Vertical User Guide


The training widget provides you with information on the training load for the current week and also the total duration on all of your training sessions.

Training Widget

This widget also gives you guidance on how your form is, if you start losing fitness, if you are maintaining it or if you currently do productive training.

The CTL (Chronic Training load) value is a weighted average on your long term TSS (Training Stress Score), the more you train the higher your fitness is.

The ATL (Acute Training Load) value is the 7-day weighted average of your TSS and basically tracks how fatigued you currently are.

The TSB (Training Stress Balance) value shows your form which is basically the difference between long-term, chronic training load (CTL) and short-term, acute training load (ATL).


Please refer to or Suunto app to learn more about Suunto's training load analysis concept.

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