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Suunto Vertical User Guide

Resetting your watch

All Suunto watches have two types of reset available to address different issues:

  • the first one, the soft reset, also known as the restart.
  • the second one, the hard reset, also known as the factory reset.

Soft reset (restart):

Performing a restart on your watch might help with the following situations:

  • the device is not responding to any button presses, taps, or swipes (the touch screen is not working).
  • the display is either frozen or blank.
  • there is no vibration, e.g., during button presses.
  • the watch functionalities are not working as expected, e.g., the watch does not record your heart rate (optical heart rate LEDs are not blinking), the compass is not finalizing the calibration process, etc.
  • the step counter is not counting your daily steps at all (please note, recorded steps may be shown with a delay in the app).

The restart will end and save any active exercise. Under normal circumstances, the exercise data will not be lost. On rare occasions, a soft reset may cause memory corruption issues.

Press and hold the upper button for 12 seconds and release it to perform a soft reset.

There are specific circumstances under which the soft reset might not solve the issue and the second type of reset may be performed. If the above has not helped with the issue you were aiming to solve; the hard reset might help.

The hard reset (factory reset):

The factory reset will restore your watch to the default values. It will erase all data from your watch, including exercise data, personal data and settings that have not been synced to Suunto app. After a hard reset, you must go through the initial setup of your Suunto watch.

Performing a factory reset on your watch may be performed in the following situations:

  • a Suunto Customer Support representative has asked you to do so as part of the troubleshooting procedure.
  • the soft reset did not solve the issue.
  • the battery life of your device is significantly reducing.
  • the device is not connecting to GPS and other troubleshooting has not helped.
  • the device has connectivity issues with Bluetooth devices (e.g., Smart Sensor or mobile app) and other troubleshooting has not helped.

The factory reset of your watch is done via the Settings on your watch. Select General and scroll down to Reset settings. All data on your watch will be deleted during the reset. Initiate the reset by selecting Reset.


The factory reset deletes the previous pairing information your watch might have had. To start the pairing process with the Suunto app again, we recommend you delete the previous pairing from the Suunto app and your phone's Bluetooth - under Paired devices.


Both presented scenarios are to be performed only for emergencies. You should not perform them regularly. If any issue persists, we recommend you either contact our Customer Support or send your watch to one of your authorized service centers.

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