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Suunto Vertical User Guide

Recording an exercise

In addition to 24/7 activity monitoring, you can use your watch to record your training sessions or other activities to get detailed feedback and follow your progress.

To record an exercise:

  1. Put on a heart rate sensor (optional).
  2. Swipe down from watch face or press the upper button.
  3. Select the sport mode you want to use by scrolling up and select by pressing the middle button.
  4. Different sport modes have different options, swipe up or press the lower button to scroll through them and adjust them by pressing the middle button.
  5. Above the start indicator, a set of icons appear, depending on what you are using with the sport mode (such as heart rate and connected GPS):

    • The arrow icon (connected GPS) flashes gray while searching and turns green once a signal is found.
    • The heart icon (heart rate) flashes gray while searching and once a signal is found, it turns into a colored heart attached to a belt if you are using a heart rate sensor or a colored heart without the belt if you are using the optical heart rate sensor.
    • The icon to the left is only visible if you have a POD paired and it turns green when the POD signal is found.

    There is also a battery estimation visible, that tells you how many hours you can exercise before the battery runs out.

    If you are using a heart rate sensor but the icon turns to green only (meaning that the optical heart rate sensor is active), check that the heart rate sensor is paired, see Pairing pods and sensors, and try again.

    You can wait for each icon to turn green (recommended for more accurate data) or start the recording as soon as you like by selecting Start.

    Exercise Start 02 S9PP

    Once the recording is started, the selected heart rate source is locked and cannot be changed during the ongoing training session.

  6. While recording, you can switch between displays with the middle button.

  7. Press the upper button to pause the recording. A timer starts blinking at the bottom of the screen showing how long the recording has been paused.

    exercise paused new

  8. Press the lower button to open the list of options.

  9. Stop and save by selecting End.


    It is also possible to delete your exercise log by selecting Discard.

After you stop the recording, you are asked how you felt. You can answer or skip the question (see Feeling). The next screen shows a summary of the activity that you can browse through with the touch screen or buttons.

If you made a recording you do not want to keep, you can delete the log entry by scrolling to the bottom of the summary and tapping the delete button. You can also delete logs in the same way from the logbook.

Delete Exercise S9PP

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