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Suunto EON Core User Guide 3.0

Intended use

The Suunto EON Core dive computer is designed for use as an optional diving equipment for recreational diving. Suunto EON Core is intended for use in various types of scuba diving, for example, for example, air, nitrox, trimix and CCR diving. In scuba diving use Suunto EON Core dive computer displays important information before, during and after the dive to enable safe decision making. The most important pieces of information are dive depth, dive time and decompression information. In addition, Suunto EON Core can show the user other dive related values, such as ascent speed, water temperature, and compass direction. It also helps the diver to plan the dive and to follow through the dive plan.

Suunto EON Core can be used as a standalone product or in combination with the Suunto Tank POD, which measures the tank pressure and transmits the pressure reading information to the Suunto EON Core dive computer. The combination of the Suunto EON Core and the Tank POD is a Personal Protective Equipment under the EU Regulation 2016/425 and protects against risks listed under PPE Risk Category III (a): substances and mixtures which are hazardous to health. Backup instruments, for example, depth gauge, submersible pressure gauge, timer, or watch must be used. The diver must have access to decompression tables whenever diving with a dive computer.

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