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Suunto EON Steel 使用者指南 - 1.6

  • 指南針


Suunto EON Steel 含有一個傾斜補償數位指南針,並可作為主要檢視畫面。

view compass


首次開始使用 Suunto EON Steel 時,指南針需先校準。當您進入指南針檢視畫面時,Suunto EON Steel 會顯示校準圖示。用手緩慢的以 8 字形循環來回旋轉裝置,校準指南針。

YouTube 上觀看影片。


view compassCalibrate



  1. 按住中間的按鈕,進入選單。
  2. 瀏覽至一般指南針
  3. 按下中間按鈕,進入指南針
  4. 向上或向下捲動,選擇校準
  5. 如圖中建議,以 3D 立體 8 字形方式來回移動裝置進行校準。
  6. 發出聲響代表校準成功,畫面將返回指南針選單。



您應隨時調整您的指南針磁偏角,以便在您潛水的區域獲得精確的航向讀數。在可信任的來源中檢查本地磁偏角並於 Suunto EON Steel 中設定數值。


  1. 按住中間的按鈕,進入選單。
  2. 瀏覽至一般指南針
  3. 按下中間按鈕,進入指南針
  4. 再次按下中間按鈕,進入磁偏角
  5. 向上/向下捲動設定磁偏角的角度:從 0.0º 開始朝東側磁偏角向上捲動,或朝西側磁偏角向下捲動。 若要關閉磁偏角,請將磁偏角的角度設為 0.0º。
  6. 按下中間按鈕儲存變更,並返回指南針選單。
  7. 按住中間的按鈕退出。

Setting bearing lock

A bearing is the angle between north and your target. In simple terms, it is the direction you want to travel. Your heading, on the other hand, is your actual direction of travel.

You can set a bearing lock to help you orientate yourself underwater and ensure you maintain your direction of travel. For example, you can set a bearing lock for the direction to the reef before leaving the boat.

You can reset the bearing lock at any time, but you can only clear a bearing lock while at the surface.

To set a bearing lock:

  1. Press the middle button to change to the compass view.
  2. Hold your Suunto EON Steel in level in front of you, with the top pointing in the direction to your target.
  3. Keep the lower button pressed until you see the Bearing locked notification.

Once you have a bearing locked, the lock position is indicated on the compass rose, as shown below.

bearing lock

Below your heading (large number in center of compass), you also see the relative difference between your bearing and your heading. So, for instance, when you want to travel in the exact direction of your bearing, the lower number should be 0°.

If you want to set a new bearing lock, just repeat the same procedure above. Each bearing lock is recorded in your dive log with a time stamp.

To clear the bearing lock from your compass view, you need to return to the surface.

To clear a bearing lock:

  1. While in surface state, keep the middle button pressed to enter the main menu.
  2. Scroll to GENERAL with the upper or lower buttons and press the middle button.
  3. Press the middle button to enter Compass.
  4. Select Clear bearing with the middle button.
  5. Keep the middle button pressed to exit.

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